Webinar med Reflekt: How to deal with difficult to predict events?

Webinar med Reflekt!
Mike and Graeme from Reflekt kindly agreed to arrange a Zoom webinar for SAMSIK and RAG-students on 24th February 2021, from 11:00 hrs. to 13:00 hrs.
The theme of the webinar will be resilience and the ability of an organization/country to respond to change. In the webinar, we will focus on vulnerability and dependency and will consider how to deal with difficulty to predict events.
Reflekt AS was started in October 2017 by Graeme Dick and Mike Pollard. The focus for the company is how learning from major accidents can be used to prevent new major accidents and to improve performance in an organization. Investigations of major accidents are extensive and provide a unique insight into conditions in the organizations involved. The understanding of technical, operational, and organizational factors that have contributed to major accidents is an important prerequisite for being able to learn. Understanding these factors is also important to be able to recognize them in minor incidents. Recognition of these factors may indicate that processes and practices are not functioning satisfactorily and that the organization is vulnerable to a serious incident and possibly to a major accident.


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